How to Buy a Good Marketing List

How to buy a good marketing list for your lead generation? That’s a question our clients often ask us. The reason is simple. If you get it wrong, it could seriously derail your marketing efforts. So, what are the main criteria to consider? And, what aspects should you look at when evaluating which companies and contacts to target? Read our blog and watch our video for the main things to consider when making the decision.

How to reach Millennials


How to reach Millennials

Half of today’s workforce was born in the Internet age. Millennials know nothing before computers and they access information via peer networks. Social media is part of their daily lives. That has a profound impact on how we communicate with them as customers, suppliers and as employees. Coupled with the emergence of video and other content as information becomes more accessible on websites and social platforms, businesses have to adapt to this new world or disappear from search and buyer shortlists. In this webinar, we explore the implications and what to do […]

Are you Making Excuses for Insufficient Business Growth?

Look at yourself in the mirror. Are you making excuses for your lack of growth? You could be falling into a trap. Your competitors won’t let outside issues distract them from growing their business. They’re out there trying to generate new business and to grab market share. And, they’re targeting your most valuable customers. Read our blog for more.

How Often Should Companies Engage with their Customers?

Big companies might be surprised to find that customers are falling out of love with them. Perhaps, possibly without them realising, their lapsed customer list is growing. The larger your database, the more challenging it is to keep in touch with your customers and to keep your database up to date. A customer retention strategy is crucial. Read our blog and watch our video for tips.

Are Customers Lazy and Stupid?

In this blog we ask whether customers are lazy or stupid and how that impacts sales decision-making when trying to get customers across the sales finishing line. It can be so frustrating when customers don’t make decisions when you know you can help them. We discuss some of the reasons why they don’t move forward and what you can do about it.

5 Important Ways to Grow Revenue and Profit

How do you ensure that your sales grow and you generate the level of profitability your business needs? In this blog, we look at the five key activities upon which you need to focus in order to both propel your sales and build your profitability.