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Are You Wasting your Event and Exhibition Investment?

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Do you want to ensure you get the maximum ROI from your event or exhibition investment? Then make sure you follow-up event leads quickly and effectively. A significant amount of money is invested in expensive events only to see it wasted through lack of fast and targeted follow-up directly after the show. Want to know more? Check out our blog for tips.

Have you Got Any Idea Why your Customers Really Buy?

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You might think that customers buy what you do. They may love your products and services (or so you believe) but the reality is that they don’t. You need to be aware that customers don’t buy what you do. They buy what you do for them. Check out our blog to learn how to position your services in a telemarketing call intro or face to face sales conversation.

6 Factors for Technology Companies to get the most from Telemarketing – Podcast


Telemarketing for technology companies is an approach that is widely used when it comes to lead generation. But what makes successful lead generation for technology companies and where does the approach fall down? In this article, we’ve listed 6 Factors for technology companies to get the most from telemarketing and to ensure that their cold calling delivers on expectations.

Why Questions are Gold Dust for Sales Lead Generation

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We all want more sales and the opportunity to provide our services to companies that have the budget to buy. But, chances are you won’t even get close to winning bigger ticket business unless you master the art of asking good questions. Check out our blog to understand why questions are so important and how they can enhance the sales process.

5 Tips on Selling Yourself in Addition to your Services – Podcast

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Where the need to sell yourself really counts is where person to person interaction is at its highest i.e. face to face and on the phone. Whilst not every customer will become a lifelong friend, how do you build rapport and come across more like a trusted adviser than a typical salesman or telesales cold caller. Check out our latest podcast for tips.

Why do Telemarketers Get Poor Results?

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Failure is a relative thing. And, over what time period do you measure success or failure? Telemarketing certainly isn’t a precise science. There are all manner of factors that enhance or impede success. In this blog, we talk about some of the elements that you need to align and get right in order to have a successful campaign. These include data, proposition and the communication between the business and telemarketer.

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