Telemarketing Techniques

How to Build Customer Rapport on the Telephone

Encouraging prospects to like you is a key factor for telemarketing success. But, that’s not so easy to do. Customers are bombarded, not only with cold calls but all manner of other messages including emails and other interruptions to their daily life. So, what’s the solution for how to quickly build customer rapport on the telephone? Read our blog for more.

How to Make a Great Impression on a Telemarketing Call

Too often telemarketers blather on about stuff that they think may be relevant but, ultimately, isn’t. Frequently, their intro centres on what they do and offer, forgetting that the prospect doesn’t actually care for the most part. So, why should prospects buy from you? Or, more importantly, why should prospect buy you. Check out our blog to find out.

Telemarketing Magic – How to Handle The ‘No’

Telemarketing success is dependent upon gaining a decent percentage of ‘Yes’ responses i.e. prospects saying yes to whatever we’re promoting. That’s why we bother. But, we have to accept that there are all manner of things that negatively impact telemarketing success and rejection is a fact of telemarketing life. Check out this blog for tips.

How to Get Better Results from Your Telemarketing Team

If you’re using telemarketing to generate sales leads, you want your team to perform? But, are they delivering the number of leads you need to oil the wheels of growth? If not, maybe you need to think first about the input rather than the output. Take a look at our blog for some of the external factors you need to consider to help your callers perform.

10 Telemarketing Tips for Beginners

Telemarketing for beginners can be pretty daunting. What are the key components of success? And, what’s the best way to do it and not make a real hash of calls? In this blog, we outline our 10 quick tips that will help you improve your cold-calling results.

Do you Ask the Right Questions to Win Profitable Business?

SME’s had things pretty hard during the last recession. Now, once again, there’s more uncertainty in the market. So, what do beleaguered SMEs need to do to survive? Great prizes are rarely won without risk. If you don’t, take action what’s the betting that an aggressive foe will get ahead of you in the race and snare the prey before you have the chance to act? Read our blog for more

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