Essential Questions Every Small Businesses Owner must ask about New Business Development – Podcast

There are any number of decisions that small business owners need to take in order to drive growth. These include investment decisions and routes to market, In this podcast, we look at some of the key questions SMEs need to consider for successful business development.

Do you Need to Shut up and Listen to Win More Business? – Podcast

Do you talk too much? Do you need to perfect better listening skills to help you win more business? We all want others to listen to us. But do we listen to them? And is it active listening or do we just pay lip service to that? And how do you demonstrate good listening? In this podcast, we provide 10 tips for better listening so that you can win more business.

10 Ideas to Help Your Business Grow in 2016? – Podcast

Another year is just whizzing by. The recession has (more or less) abated but there are Brexit clouds on the horizon. People and businesses have generally been more positive and we’ve got more money in our pocket. In this podcast, we take a look at some of the things you might want to consider in terms of maintaining growth in the coming period.

3 Essential Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses – Podcast

Many small businesses believe (or hope) that creating a Facebook and Twitter page will get them more sales fast but Just having a presence on social media is simply not good enough. It takes time and genuinely interesting content to gain the attention of your target audience. In this blog, we detail our 3 essential content marketing tips for small businesses

Are you a “Bees to the Honeypot” Kind of Business?” – Podcast

How interesting are you? Do you have magnetism that makes people flock to buy from you? No? That’s possibly because you don’t look attractive and you have nothing to say that’s enticing. We’re bombarded with noise every day and we’re busy. So, why should prospective customers look at you in amongst all this clutter? Listen to our podcast and learn more.

How to Increase Buyer Rapport on the Telephone – Podcast

If you want to achieve success from telemarketing, building rapport on the phone with prospects and customers is essential. In this short podcast, we look at a few ways to improve the interaction between buyer and seller that lead to greater cold-calling results.