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4 Things that Marketers can Learn from Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Cryptocurrency is the hottest of hot topics. Even if you’re living a nomad existence, it’s likely that you won’t be immune from the avalanche of publicity, good and bad, surrounding crypto and blockchain. You might be a promoter or a detractor. You might be a current or past investor or you may have never invested and wouldn’t wish to do so. Whatever your personal situation, it’s unlikely to be something that you haven’t seen on Facebook, LinkedIn, news alerts or somewhere else online.

Whatever your opinion, as to whether it’s a scam or […]

How will you Stop your Business Stagnating during the World Cup?

Shortly, we’re all going to be glued to our screens to watch 4 weeks of glorious football. Or maybe, the World Cup isn’t your thing but you can’t get enough of the sunny days that warm our skin and cheer us up.
The World Cup is expected to disrupt business in June and July. Check out this blog for some tips to keep the disruption to a minimum.

The Karma of Business Growth

Is there such a thing as Business Growth Karma? And, does the law of attraction and the rule of karma relate in a business context? We believe that it does. Check out our blog to find out more

10 techniques for better telemarketer results

Why do telemarketers fail so often? Some detractors may feel it’s because cold calling is dead. But there are a number of factors that contribute to success when it comes to telemarketing. These include having good data and a strong proposition. But, even with these in place, some telemarketers will still fail to hit the mark. Check out our 10 reasons why they fail and how to overcome the hurdles.

The 4 golden rules of telemarketing

Telemarketing is a simple discipline. Make some calls. Speak to people. Promote your products and services. And, you’ll deliver some results. However, it is easier said than done, GSA have come up with 4 golden rules of telemarketing to help you achieve more success.

Why don’t telemarketers ask questions?

Telemarketers love to talk. And, generally, it isn’t always because they are happy go lucky people
that love their jobs and the businesses they represent. It’s often because they are nervous and are
struggling to keep the seller-buyer conversation going on the phone…. Continue reading.

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