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8 Success Hacks for Telemarketing Lead Generation

Telemarketing is hard enough without failing due to poor technique and approaches. So we’ve compiled 8 success hacks for telemarketing lead generation success. See how you compare in terms of your preparation and readiness to undertake a successful lead generation campaign using telemarketing.

The Key to Successful Lead Generation is Follow-up

Wouldn’t it be great if every call you made resulted in a sale? But, that’s not real world thinking. The fact is that not every prospect is ready to buy now. Equally, your proposition may not be right for that customer. They may be entrenched with your competitor. If the prospect is a valid target, you need a robust follow-up process to generate ongoing opportunities. Check out our blog for tips.

How to Train your Telemarketing Team to Generate more Leads

Telemarketing is an important route to market for many companies. But if they want success, it’s important that whoever undertakes the calling is trained both on the campaign itself and in order to have the appropriate skills to do the job. That includes a proper briefing on the campaign, objectives and the target market into which they will be calling. Check out our blog for tips.

How to Build a Perfect Telemarketing Proposition

How many competitors operate within your sector or area of business? The chances are that there are quite a few. And, it’s likely that they’re offering similar services to yours, if not identical. Therefore, you need to work on your [proposition. It’s important to think carefully about how to make your business and your services attractive to prospective clients right from the start of your call. Read our blog for tips.

Work on Your Call List for Telemarketing Results

An accurate call list is absolutely worth its weight in gold. Once you’ve defined your sector and targets to which you want to reach out, you need to either purchase data from a quality list provider, build a database of contact details yourself or use an agency like GSA to undertake a database gathering exercise. Check out this blog for tips.

In-House vs Outsourced Telemarketing. Which is better?

We’re often asked whether it’s better to outsource telemarketing or to recruit and manage internal callers. There isn’t really a right or wrong on this as it depends on circumstances and your appetite to do it one way or another. In this blog, we raise a few of the questions you need to consider when deciding whether to outsource or DIY.
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