Mobile Marketing

Here’s How Social Media Can Help Your Business Stand Out!

This is a good blog from The Sticky Communication agency about how professional services firms can use social media to steal a march on their competitors.

The upshot is that accountancy firms, solicitors and other professional services organisations can’t operate in the way they did in the past not least just relying on basic brochure websites. They need to adopt new methods of communication to meet the needs and expectations of younger potential buyers […]

10 Ways to Succeed in the New Age of Mobile Content Marketing

This is a terrific article by Jeff Bullas about the march of both mobile and content marketing. He explains how mobile is usurping TV in terms of media consumption and that businesses must reflect this in their marketing and content strategy.

Jeff also explains that engaging with your fans and advocates to produce ‘user generated’ content for your business for free is effective and smart. He emphasises the importance of video in that the Internet generation consumes online video rather than TV and stresses that we shouldn’t forget images and podcasts in content due to the way content is […]