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10 techniques for better telemarketer results - Why do telemarketers fail so often? Some detractors may feel it’s because cold calling is dead. But there are a number of factors that contribute to success when it comes to telemarketing. These include having good data and a strong proposition. But, even with these in place, some telemarketers will still fail to hit the mark. Check out our 10 reasons why they fail and how to overcome the hurdles.
The 4 golden rules of telemarketing - Telemarketing is a simple discipline. Make some calls. Speak to people. Promote your products and services. And, you’ll deliver some results. However, it is easier said than done, GSA have come up with 4 golden rules of telemarketing to help you achieve more success.
Why don’t telemarketers ask questions? - Telemarketers love to talk. And, generally, it isn’t always because they are happy-go-lucky people that love their jobs and the businesses they represent. It’s often because they are nervous and are struggling to keep the seller-buyer conversation going on the phone.
8 Success Hacks for Telemarketing Lead Generation - Telemarketing is hard enough without failing due to poor technique and approaches. So we've compiled 8 success hacks for telemarketing lead generation success. See how you compare in terms of your preparation and readiness to undertake a successful lead generation campaign using telemarketing.
The Key to Successful Lead Generation is Follow-up - Wouldn’t it be great if every call you made resulted in a sale? But, that’s not real world thinking. The fact is that not every prospect is ready to buy now. Equally, your proposition may not be right for that customer. They may be entrenched with your competitor. If the prospect is a valid target, you need a robust follow-up process to generate ongoing opportunities. Check out our blog for tips.
How to Train your Telemarketing Team to Generate more Leads - Telemarketing is an important route to market for many companies. But if they want success, it’s important that whoever undertakes the calling is trained both on the campaign itself and in order to have the appropriate skills to do the job. That includes a proper briefing on the campaign, objectives and the target market into which they will be calling. Check out our blog for tips.
How to Build a Perfect Telemarketing Proposition - How many competitors operate within your sector or area of business? The chances are that there are quite a few. And, it’s likely that they’re offering similar services to yours, if not identical. Therefore, you need to work on your [proposition. It's important to think carefully about how to make your business and your services attractive to prospective clients right from the start of your call. Read our blog for tips.
Work on Your Call List for Telemarketing Results - An accurate call list is absolutely worth its weight in gold. Once you’ve defined your sector and targets to which you want to reach out, you need to either purchase data from a quality list provider, build a database of contact details yourself or use an agency like GSA to undertake a database gathering exercise. Check out this blog for tips.
In-House vs Outsourced Telemarketing. Which is better? - We're often asked whether it's better to outsource telemarketing or to recruit and manage internal callers. There isn't really a right or wrong on this as it depends on circumstances and your appetite to do it one way or another. In this blog, we raise a few of the questions you need to consider when deciding whether to outsource or DIY.
How to Choose the Right Person for your Telemarketing Calls - How many competitors operate within your sector or area of business? The chances are that there are quite a few. And, it’s quite possible that they’re offering similar services to yours, if not identical. You need to think carefully about how to make your business and your services attractive to prospective clients. Check out this blog for tips.
Do you Have to be Pushy to be Successful in Sales? – Podcast - A question that comes up a lot when I’m running telemarketing training is ‘do you have to be pushy to be successful in sales?’ We think that’s an intriguing question because there may be two schools of thought. One side might say of course you do. Without drive, energy and the killer instinct, you will […]
INFOGRAPHIC- 50 Behaviours Telemarketers Must Adopt to Power Lead Generation. - To be a good telemarketer, there are all manner of attributes that contribute to good cold-calling and to better telemarketing results. In this infographic, we detail the 50 behaviours that callers need to exhibit if they want to improve the chances of hitting their sales targets.
INFOGRAPHIC- 10 Cardinal Sins in B2B Cold Calling. - Cold-calling is hard. But, why make it harder for yourself than it need be? What factors are guaranteed to set you on the right track and what are the things that will ensure you don’t hit your targets? In this blog, we look at the factors that are most likely to impede your progress and what will help on the road to cold-calling success. Check out our Infographic for top tips.
How to Increase Buyer Rapport on the Telephone – Podcast - If you want to achieve success from telemarketing, building rapport on the phone with prospects and customers is essential. In this short podcast, we look at a few ways to improve the interaction between buyer and seller that lead to greater cold-calling results.
5 Clever Ways to Improve Your Telemarketing Results - Telemarketing isn’t straightforward. The higher you go up the corporate totem pole, the harder it gets to achieve results. So, anything you can do to enhance performance is worthwhile. And there are a few simple things you can do to significantly improve your effectiveness. Check out our 5 Clever Ways to Improve Your Telemarketing Results.
Why Telemarketers Fail from the Moment they Open their Mouths – Podcast - You don’t have much time to make a first impression. Whether it’s face to face or on the phone (and even in writing), first impressions count. So, your opening gambit had better be pretty good to get the result you need. But lots of telemarketers wing it. They fail to prepare adequately and rely on their ‘personality’ and ability to think on the spot. Listen to our podcast and make sure you’ve covered all the bases.
6 Factors for Technology Companies to get the most from Telemarketing – Podcast - Telemarketing for technology companies is an approach that is widely used when it comes to lead generation. But what makes successful lead generation for technology companies and where does the approach fall down? In this article, we’ve listed 6 Factors for technology companies to get the most from telemarketing and to ensure that their cold calling delivers on expectations.
5 Tips on Selling Yourself in Addition to your Services – Podcast - Where the need to sell yourself really counts is where person to person interaction is at its highest i.e. face to face and on the phone. Whilst not every customer will become a lifelong friend, how do you build rapport and come across more like a trusted adviser than a typical salesman or telesales cold caller. Check out our latest podcast for tips.
10 Reasons why B2B Telemarketing Scripts don’t Work – Podcast - Do scripts work in telemarketing? The answer is no. There are a number of reasons why that is. That's not to say that a good call structure isn't needed. But, when it comes to senior level telemarketing, check out our 10 Reasons why B2B Telemarketing Scripts don't Work if you want to develop high value sales.
5 Tips for Getting Past Gatekeepers on a Telemarketing Call – Podcast - The ability to get past gatekeepers during a telemarketing call is an essential skill. Some gatekeepers are simply there to provide a call forwarding service to take you to the decision maker. That's often the case in smaller organisations but these types of gatekeeper are not what we're referring to in this blog. In larger companies, reaching the decision-maker when being blocked by the gatekeeper requires skill and persistence. Check out our tips.
Why Telemarketers Fail from the Moment they Open their Mouths - You don't have much time to make a first impression on the phone. So, your opening gambit must help not hinder you to get the result you need. But too many telemarketers rely on the gift of the gab and wing it. They don't prepare and rely on personality and the ability to think on the spot. However, that's risky especially if the call is with your most important / valuable prospect target and you fall on your face. In this blog we look at how to make sure you're set up for success from the moment you open your mouth.
Telemarketing Tip 1 Take Action - If you wait for the perfect time, when will that be? Get on the phone and generate new business now. Check out our Tips
Telemarketing Tip 2 Define Your Target Market - Really put some extra time into defining what type of company would be most likely to use your services. Check out our tips.
Telemarketing Tip 3 Work on Your Call List - An accurate list is worth its weight in gold. Once you’ve defined your sector and who you want to speak to, you need to select a quality list provider or data build yourself. Check out our Tips.
Telemarketing Tip 4 Tip Work on Your Proposition - How many competitors operate within your sector or area of business? Think carefully about how to make your business and your services attractive to prospective clients.Check out our Tips.
Telemarketing Tip 5 Choose the Right People to Make Calls - The person that’s tasked with generating sales opportunities for you is important because they’re the face of your organisation when prospects first interact with your business. So ensure you make the right choice. Check out our tips.
Telemarketing Tip 6 Brief & Train your Team - The quality of briefing will have a significant bearing on telemarketing results. Garbage in garbage out. So, make sure you brief your team thoroughly. Check out our tips.
Telemarketing Tip 7 Get Your Systems and Processes Right - You can have a great proposition and great people making the calls but if your method of managing the calling process is all over the place, it’s likely that you’ll miss all manner of opportunities. Check out our tips.
Telemarketing Tip 8 Be Patient & Think Long-Term - You want sustainable growth. If the value of sale is significant, it’s unlikely that prospective customer decisions will be made quickly. Check out our tips
Telemarketing Tip 9 Set Realistic Objectives - High quality lead generation takes time. Not every prospect is looking for your services at the time of the call. You need to understand what success looks like, set realistic objectives and measure your progress towards those targets. Check out our tips.
Telemarketing Tip 10 Follow-Up - With telemarketing you must be prepared to follow-up all the way to the end. Follow-up and call back when you say you will and keep doing so until the lead either converts to business or it becomes clear that no business will be forthcoming. Check out our tips.
How to Handle Rejection – Podcast - Rejection and objections are facts of life when it comes to telemarketing. Successful telemarketers have strategies in how to handle and overcome these hurdles. In this podcast, check out our 10 tips for how to reduce the chances of it happening and how to handle it when it does.
7 Essential Telemarketing Skills – Podcast - In this essential audio for anyone seeking to be successful in telemarketing, we explore the 7 essential skills needed by telemarketers, These include enthusiasm, interest, being a good facilitator, listening skills, resilience, persistence and problem solving.
7 Essential Telemarketing Skills - Love it or hate it, cold calling is part of the day job for lots of sales people. And to achieve telemarketing success with decision makers that hold significant budget in larger organisations, there are key skills that have a major impact on results. Below are our 7 Essential Telemarketing Skills that every caller needs to master if they want to reach their goals. Also, don't forget to also take a look at lots of other telemarketing tips on our blog and on our Knowledge Bank.
6 Factors for Technology Companies to get the most from Telemarketing - Telemarketing for technology companies is an approach that is widely used. Some companies support the activity with other methods of marketing. Others rely heavily on this cold calling, believing that the nature of their offering lends itself best to a direct approach where it can be explained on a one to one basis. But what makes a successful lead generation for technology companies? Read our blog for more.
Is Short-termism Killing your Lead Generation? - Are your business development efforts being compromised by your approach? Is short-termism killing your Lead Generation? Are you failing to nurture sales leads? We all want new business. And we wall want it now. And that's a possibility in many cases where we identify the right prospects and hit them at the right time. Even better if customers find us without us needing to track them down. However, lead generation is generally about playing the long game. Find out how,if you put in the groundwork, you'll see the results.
5 Tips on Selling Yourself in Addition to your Services - Do people still buy people in this online age dominated by social media? It's probably open to question given the remote nature of some sales interactions. However, personality and tone of voice still play important roles even when it comes to social presence and your website. Read our blog for 5 Tips on Selling Yourself in Addition to your Services.
Telemarketing Tips – The Top 10 - I received a lot of positive feedback the last time I posted an article on my top 10 telemarketing tips that I felt it was time to do another. So, in this blog, we provide a further 10 tips to ensure you get the most out of your telemarketing calling. Follow the tips and you will see your returns increase from your lead generation activities.
Do you Have to be Pushy to be Successful in Sales? - Effective lead generation is much more about buying than selling. Buyers are bombarded with sales messages every day. So, it's much more about helping customers to buy and solving problems, especially for high-value sales, than overt selling. But, all too often, sellers focus on what's important to them as opposed to what fires up their buyer. Read our blog for more insight.
10 Reasons why B2B Telemarketing Scripts don’t Work - Do scripts work in telemarketing? The answer is no. There are a number of reasons why that is. That's not to say that a good call structure isn't needed. But, when it comes to senior level telemarketing, check out our 10 Reasons why B2B Telemarketing Scripts don't Work if you want to develop high value sales.
How to Put Together a Telemarketing Campaign - Some people think that cold calls just happen. Give a caller the Yellow Pages (as it used to be called) and a ‘script’ and lo and behold, new business appointments will flow and your lead generation will take off. If only that were true. In fact, that approach is doomed to failure since it omits […]
20 Business Development Tips to Get you More Business - Business development is essential for every business whether it be Kellogg’s or Ken’s Fruit shop. But where do you start if you want lead generation for your small business? Below are our 20 business development tips to get you more business. These are tips for every business owner to implement.
How to Make More New Business Appointments - In lead generation, your competitors are going after the same sales meetings as you are. Therefore, you need to justify why the prospect should select you and your business and use up their precious time to find out more about you. We're often asked how to make more new business appointments. So, with that in mind, this blog provides our 8 Tips for Effective b2b Appointment Setting.
5 Tips for Getting Past Gatekeepers on a Telemarketing Call - The ability to get past gatekeepers during a telemarketing call is an essential skill. Some gatekeepers are simply there to provide a call forwarding service to take you to the decision maker. That's often the case in smaller organisations but these types of gatekeeper are not what we're referring to in this blog. In larger companies, reaching the decision-maker when being blocked by the gatekeeper requires skill and persistence. Check out our tips.
Questioning Techniques for Telemarketing - Have you ever been confronted with a cold caller that loves to talk at you? You wouldn’t want to spend your days receiving these kinds of nuisance calls, would you? How would you feel if your calls were perceived in this way? Questions, coupled with listening to the answers, are essential tools in a cold caller’s armoury. It’s unlikely that they will achieve successful telemarketing calls if they don’t master the art of asking good questions.
What’s the Best Way to do Telemarketing? - Telemarketing shouldn't just be a blunt instrument. Every call is different and should be based on the sectors, type of business, size, location and the job role and requirements of the decision maker you call. Therefore, planning the right approach and tactics prior to each call is vital in high-quality telemarketing if you want good results. Read this blog for more.
6 Telemarketing Calamities Every Caller Must Avoid - Want to have a successful telemarketing campaign and make more new business appointments? Well, make sure you don't make the following rookie telemarketing errors. Below are the 6 Telemarketing Calamities every caller must avoid if they want to deliver results from cold calling campaigns.
3 Essential Tips for Successful Lead Generation - There are 3 essential things that most salespeople need to recognise if they want to succeed in telemarketing. First, you have to know your market. Second, it's more about the customer than it is about you. And, third, no decision comes without a degree of risk. If you can de-risk the purchase, you have more chance of success. Read more in our blog,
Telemarketing Success Factors – Podcast - I’m often asked how to ensure telemarketing success. When running telemarketing training, it’s a question that often pops up and when we run b2b telemarketing campaigns for clients, it is also something that we are at pains to stress
Telemarketing Tips 50 Do’s and 50 Dont’s - Telemarketing Tips - Telemarketing is still an important route to market for many businesses. Check out or top 50 do's & don'ts for successful telemarketing. See how you measure up and consider ways you can improve how you approach cold-calls.
Is Cold Calling is Right for Your Business. - Social media is all the rage. Inbound and engagement are buzz words and digital and content marketing are seen as essential. Would anyone marketer worth their salt disagree with those sentiments? Is cold calling dead? Check out our blog for our top 5 questions to ask in order to help you decide if cold calling is still right for your business.
Lead Generation is a Marathon not a Sprint - Given the nature of the lead generation work we undertake for our clients, I'm often asked what a reasonable timescale is for revenue to flow. Clients want to know how long it will be so that they can justify any expenditure. The answer to the question is of course that it varies based on any number of factors. In this blog we explain why you should view led generation as a marathon, not a sprint.
The 5 Reasons Why Most Cold Callers Miss Buying Signals - A Buying Signal is the Holy Grail for sales people. It’s when the buyer says ‘Hallelujah, the messiah has arrived. Well, maybe it doesn't quite work like that. It's generally a lot more subtle and that's why many sales people fail to spot the cues that buyers provide that suggest a sale is not too far away. Check out this blog for 5 reasons why sales people miss buying signals.
10 Key Things to Avoid in B2B Cold Calling - Cold calling is still one of the key tools in the armoury when it comes to outbound marketing. It typically works well where an organisation can clearly identify its target market and where the proposition is tailored and compelling. Check out our top 10 tips for things to avoid when doing outbound calling and how to ensure that they don’t impede your success.
Relevance, Rapport and Reward – 3 Telemarketing Must Have’s - Telemarketing is challenging at the best of times. So, check out our blog where we explain how to master 3 essential components of relevance, rapport and reward. Without relevance, who is going to listen to you? Without rapport, how will prospective clients believe you? Without reward, how will you prove to them that there is something worthwhile in order for them to give you their time?
What Keeps your Customers Up at Night? - Do you know what keeps your customers up at night? Do you know what concerns they have about their job and business? If you don’t know, you should. Prospects and customers don’t care about the products and services you’re telemarketing at them. They care about what challenges you help them overcome. Imagine for example that […]
10 Essential Things You Need to Know about Cold Calling - The key to effective and successful telemarketing lies in the ability of the caller to build rapport quickly, to engage through relevant conversation that meets buyers’ needs, not the seller’s preconceived notions. But how does a telemarketer do this effectively? Check out our blog for our tips on how to make successful telemarketing calls:
Tone and Language – Essential Components of a Successful Telemarketing Call - Clearly, in sales what you say is inherently important since that’s the basis upon which your product or service pitch is communicated. But tonality, the way you say it, has as much if not more impact on telemarketing outcomes when it comes to the feeling and attitude of the person receiving your message. Check out our blog for more.
How to Increase Buyer Rapport on the Telephone - If you want to capture buyer interest, work out what your prospects are interested in. Buyers are motivated by things that affect them. They are concerned about their issues and challenges. And if you tap into that, you'll have a more engaged conversation on the phone. Read our blog for more.
Customers Don’t Care About What You Do - Prospective customers will only allow cold callers a few seconds to make their sales pitch count. With that knowledge in mind, effective telemarketing call introductions make the difference between success and failure. So read our blog to understand how you can improve your chances of getting that right.
Help Your Telemarketer Out – Have A “Compelling Reason To Meet” - Telemarketers need something to work with if you want them to generate sales leads. Businesses must understand they need to provide cold callers with a compelling reason why their ideal client would want to do business with them rather than anyone else. Check out our blog for tips.
20 Essential Activities to Get Better Telemarketing Results - Telemarketing isn't just grabbing a list, picking up the phone, speaking to the person you need and, hey presto, new business comes flooding your way. The reality is somewhat different and you can either set your business up for failure in b2b telemarketing or you can generate significant opportunities and growth by getting things right from the beginning of your lead generation exercise. Check out our blog for 20 tips.
How to Build Great Telephone Marketing Opening Lines - I do a lot of telemarketing training. I often listen in on calls. What I hear frustrates me. Failure to build rapport and weak opening introductions are often evident. The impact of poor calls leaves a poor first impression with prospects and hampers new business development. Calls regularly don’t progress much beyond the opening gambit and, in some cases, cause real brand damage.
Why Listening is more Important than Talking on the Phone - Good sales people have the gift of the gab don’t they? They can sell ice to an Eskimo. Or that’s what we were told in the past. The problem is that’s a fundamentally flawed assumption. Who likes being spoken to at high speed, making you feel like you’re being sprayed with words by a high […]
How to Build Rapport - I did some listening in to outbound telemarketing calls at a client the other day. Afterwards, the Sales Director asked me for my honest feedback. I was lost for words. The lack of quality on the phone left me unsure where to begin. To summarise what I heard, the problems were as follows:  Some very […]
Is Telemarketing Right for your Business? - An Introduction to GSA Business Development – B2B Telemarketing Experts. Learn how Telemarketing can work for your business and generate fresh new leads.
Top Ten Tips for Telemarketing Success - GSA Business Developments’ Top 10 Telemarketing Tips to help you succeed with your outbound calling.
How Important is Tone in Telemarketing? -   I spoke to a company the other day that told me that they wanted to target Oil and Gas Companies in Scotland. They asked if we had any Scottish callers since they felt that response would be better. It made me think about the importance of tonality when making outbound calls. It is unlikely that […]
Use of Good Tone, Pace and Language in a Telemarketing Call - Do your cold calls sound the same as every other telemarketer that calls your prospect? The need to be differentiated relates as much to the caller as the proposition. You only have a few seconds to make a positive impression. That's where the use of good tonality, pace and effective language comes in. Check out our blog for tips.
How to Write a Great Telemarketing Call Script - Prospective clients often ask us whether we use telemarketing call scripts. In this blog we discuss how to write an excellent call structure not a script. It’s an interesting question though. We typically provide outsourced telemarketing for businesses that target large blue-chip organisations. Those decision-makers do not respond well to scripted calls that could fall […]
Timing is Everything – Follow a solid Telemarketing Process - A few weeks ago we were on a teleconference with a client discussing a new business appointment we had set up for him with ‘Three’. The conversation went something like this: Client: That’s a really good appointment Julia. Lots of potential. It could be a great piece of business. We were really lucky with the […]
Telemarketing Tips for SME’s - Ever been on the end of a cold call where the caller hurled a load of features at you about their product or service without pausing for breath?  It makes you feel like you’ve just been sprayed by a fire hydrant. It’s amazing in some ways to think that telemarketingstill exists. With the gazillions of […]
5 Tips for Improving Business Lead Generation - I often use a simple analogy to emphasise that target audience definition is the most important factor in new business lead generation. It’s the story of the expected gold medalist in the shooting at the Olympics that fails to win the gold because he missed the target. He may be the best shot. He may […]
5 Essential Tips for SME New Business Lead Generation via the Phone - Last week, I gave a presentation to 4Networking Manchester Airport regarding strategy for new business lead generation. We do a lot of work for small to medium sized companies that want to see more quality leads coming in through the door. We do that by generating new business appointments for them with the right people […]
10 Essential Objection Handling Techniques for Telemarketing Success - There are all manner of ways to deal with difficult buyer objections on the phone. No technique will work every time but it is about improving success ratios. Dealing with objections is a skill a telemarketer must master and there are a number of elements to deliver the best outcome. Check out our blog for 10 essential tips.
7 Essential Tips for Handling Telephone Objections - One of the biggest challenges many telemarketers face is the inability to overcome buyer objections. Telemarketing objections are a fact of life. No matter how good you or your company’s products are, buyers are often locked in to other suppliers. They may say they buy on price alone (although I doubt that’s the whole story) […]
7 Ways to Improve Your Telemarketing for 2013 -   Telemarketing is still used by many small and large businesses despite the advent of social media. So it makes sense to take steps to improve your success rates. You’ve heard all the old advice. Make tons of calls because it’s a numbers game. Or ‘Smile while you dial’ or even’ Stand up while you’re […]
The Fatal Mistakes Telemarketers Make When They Open Their Mouths - “How are you today?” Ever heard that one before? It’s a sure fire way for a potential prospect to deduce in 2 seconds that this is a cold call. Much loved by offshore Call Centres, it isn’t sadly only the preserve of poor quality, high volume calls. It’s okay if you know someone but it’s a […]
Telemarketing – The importance of knowing your target market - I write a lot about telemarketing and telesales success factors. I provide my top tips and have written various articles on techniques, the importance of attitude and all of the other key factors required to make your cold calling campaigns succeed. It is understandable that most focus and time is spent on making sure that […]
7 Telemarketing Tips for SME’s to Drive Sales - Telemarketing or telesales as it is often referred to is a traditional form of marketing used by many SME’s to generate new business opportunities or a sales pipeline. Many marketers might argue that it is outmoded when new forms of marketing like digital and social media are so prevalent. But, try telling that to one […]
Top 10 Telemarketing Tips - Are there any secrets to telemarketing success? Possibly not. However, understanding the key telemarketing techniques and telemarketing skills will inevitably make a difference. Below, we have detailed our Top 10 Telemarketing Tips for Success. Want to know more? Check out our telemarketing training courses or call us and we can chat through how we can help […]
What Skills make an Effective Telemarketer? - What are the key factors that make a successful telemarketer? In this blog we highlight the main components for success. These include communication skills, a positive attitude and the application of correct techniques for dealing both with gatekeepers and the all-important decision maker.
20 Key Measurements for Telemarketing Success - My accountant says ‘if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it’. That’s certainly the case in terms of telemarketing KPI’s (key performance indicators). New business lead generation is a process. That process is enhanced or hindered by good telemarketing performance measurement. It will differ in many cases dependent on the business and calling objectives […]
How to emphasise benefits not features in telemarketing calls - One of the most common things clients ask me is “how do I increase buyer interest in what I’m selling?” The answer I normally give is to make it interesting for them. A fairly pedantic answer you might say. But when I drill down I find a number of common problems with their telemarketing calls. These […]
How to Generate more Telemarketing Appointments - I’m often asked how to increase the number of telephone appointments to generate new business. There are of course certain things that have to be in place. A good, relevant and valid list supports lead generation. That includes recently gathered data and named decision makers likely to be receptive to your products and services. Likewise, […]
5 key Telemarketing Tips for small businesses– Olympics special! - The Olympics can teach small businesses a lot about cold calling? I regularly come into contact with business people that ask me for cold calling tips. When I chat with them I find that they often unknowingly set themselves up for failure. So, here are my 5 simple telemarketing tips for small businesses to achieve […]
When should you use telemarketing to target big companies? - One of the biggest concerns that our clients raise before working with us is the risk of brand damage through poor quality telemarketing calls. It is true that if you blow it when talking to the Finance Director of Tesco, you are unlikely to get a second chance. Having the right person on the phone […]
How to Brief a Telemarketing Agency – 10 Top Tips - Want to know how to get the most from your telemarketing agency? Check our top tips. It's a partnership and the quality of the briefing and the input you provide, will have a significant effect on likely results and your return on investment. Whilst professional agencies should be able to guide you, your input could make all the difference.
How to Handle Telemarketing Objections - Handling sales objections professionally is crucial whether on the phone or face to face. Typically, we are programmed to ‘answer’ objections and to consider them as a block or something that is an attack or interruption to our sales pitch. Unfortunately, this is not a good stance to take when handling buyer objections. Techniques can […]
Tips on writing effective telemarketing scripts - An old comedian from the seventies, Frank Carson, used to say ‘it’s the way I tell ’em’ In many ways, that’s true for effective telesales scripts. That’s not to say that effective telemarketing language and what you say isn’t important (and we will talk about that in this blog) but it isn’t just about bombarding […]
Telemarketing Tips – Message and Target Market Definition - Everyone wants to generate more sales leads when on the phone. But what makes the difference? If we assume that the person making the calls is able to build rapport and has some passion for the services they are promoting, then there are two main factors that come into play: Message & Audience. To find out more, read our blog
Where are Telemarketing Callers Going Wrong? - I received yet another desperately poor telemarketing call the other day. ‘Hello Mr Jonathan. How are you today?’ Now I accept that Delhi call centres may not be adept at knowing a first name from a surname. However, UK callers do know the difference. They also know that I know that that they aren’t genuinely […]
Telemarketing – Does Following Up Let You Down? - From a telemarketing perspective, I think it is fair to say that relatively few sales or appointments are made during our very first contact with the decision maker. It can often require anywhere between 5 and 10 calls to gain genuine interest and to book a sales appointment. More often than not prospects will want to […]
Top 10 Tips on Purchasing a Good B2B Marketing List. - A lot of clients come to us and ask us how best to look for a good quality list for their outbound marketing activity. Below are some tips to help you consider what list might work for you and how you can go about it. A clean, well targeted and relevant list is a key […]
12 Cold Calling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them - What are the factors that impede cold-calling success? There are a number of components that make up a successful cold-calling campaign but companies and callers often make the mistake of doing the same things over and over without adapting the approach to improve outcomes. In this article, we look at 12 common mistakes.
The 3 most important tools in telemarketing - I am often asked what makes a good telemarketing campaign and what the results should be. The reality is that the results vary dependent upon your business. They also vary based on the type of campaign e.g. it’s much easier to gauge likely results if the calls are part of a ‘call centre’ type campaign […]
Listening Techniques - It's often said that telemarketers and sales people have the ‘gift of the gab’. If we were to ask what the primary attributes of a successful sales person would be, many argue tthat it's the ability to talk and the skill to close the sale. These are crucial but, the art of listening is often underrated coupled with the ability to ask good questions. Read our blog for more.
Top 10 Tips to Close More Business - In b2b sales not much happens unless the sales person is able to close the business. The sales process starts before the initial engagement and should continue well past the initial meeting or call. A good sales person needs to understand the elements that enhance the likelihood of getting to the point where a close is possible. Check out our Top 10 Tips to Close More Business.
Business Development is About Consistency and Momentum - I have had numerous conversations over the years with clients, prospective clients and networking contacts about new business development success factors. When we undertake telemarketing or business development strategy work for our clients, we always stress the need for a multi-channel approach (i.e. do a number of complementary things towards biz dev) and the need […]
Getting through Gatekeepers - Wow. This article provoked some mixed views to say the least. I am reprinting my comment below and I would recommend a read of the article: A few years back, I was a member of the networking group BNI member in the UK. I do not feel the techniques suggested in this article are anti-networking. Networking […]
Do You Know How to Build a Sales Pipeline? - Your sales pipeline is the engine for growth in your business. But do you put sufficient effort into building a robust sales pipeline for your business? And do you know what are the steps you need to take from planning through implementation? Check out our blog for ideas.
How to Handle ‘No Budget’ Telesales Objections - What is the most common objection that callers face when making cold calls? Particularly in this recessionary climate, it has to be ‘we have no budget’. It may well be true that they have no budget but let’s analyse this a little. Using the ‘no budget’ line is an easy and quick brush off for […]
The Importance of having a good Call to Action - We do a lot of new business development and telemarketing work with companies in the b2b sector. Most have excellent credentials and work for household name brands. That tells you something about their calibre and ability to deliver. Yet despite this, many still find it difficult to define what makes them different and why a […]
Telemarketing Tips – Preparation for Calling - They say that if you fail to plan you're planning to fail. That's absolutely true when it comes to telemarketing. There are a number of components that, if you pull them together, will support an effective lead generation exercise. Check out our blog for 5 of the most basic elements for your pre-campaign planning.
Essentials of Running a Telemarketing Campaign - So you’ve made the decision to run a telemarketing campaign but now you have to plan it. Where do you start? Well there are a number of things that you need to think about before you should start a campaign. First of all, if you don’t already have a list of names then you need […]
Telemarketing Tip – Dealing with Gatekeepers - We all possess our own unique recipe that contributes toward the success of the outbound calling campaigns we work on. But do we really consider what key things we (or others) do/say that could generate a consistent level of new business leads month in month out?  Try step one of GSA’s secret appointment recipe!It’s sometimes surprising […]
Telemarketing Tips presentation to the IOD in Hatfield - Today I presented to the local IOD networking event in Hatfield on the subject of telemarketing and my brief 11 tips for success. It’s interesting that about half the room had tried using the phone themselves to try to generate new business. However, there was quite some concern over stalking. Many had been on the […]
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