Video Marketing

The 10 Fatal Marketing Mistakes Businesses Must Avoid

It’s tough out there. Businesses have to compete like never before. The pie is smaller and there are fewer pieces to go around. That means businesses have to find new ways to compete and market themselves. Marketing itself has changed beyond all recognition. There are many more marketing choices. With that in mind, organisations have to get it right first time. There is no time and no resource to continually make mistakes.  So, what are the fatal errors to avoid?1. Absence of a Strategy Without a plan, it’s hard to know where you’re […]

Using Video to Generate Leads and Increase Revenue

Our latest guest blog comes from Olivia at Smarteye Productions. Olivia specialises in video production and she explains why it is so compelling as part of your lead generation and marketing strategy.

There’s something evolutionary about the power of video.

Our brains are wired to pay attention to things that move because in the past, it meant we could eat them, mate with them, or they could eat us! So we’re conditioned to watch motion – just turn on the TV and see how everyone’s attention drifts to it.
So video grabs your customers’ attention. Which means it […]