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10 Telemarketing Tips for Beginners

Telemarketing for beginners can be pretty daunting. What are the key components of success? And, what’s the best way to do it and not make a real hash of calls? In this blog, we outline our 10 quick tips that will help you improve your cold-calling results.

INFOGRAPHIC- 10 Cardinal Sins in B2B Cold Calling.

Cold-calling is hard. But, why make it harder for yourself than it need be? What factors are guaranteed to set you on the right track and what are the things that will ensure you don’t hit your targets? In this blog, we look at the factors that are most likely to impede your progress and what will help on the road to cold-calling success. Check out our Infographic for top tips.

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5 Tips on Selling Yourself in Addition to your Services – Podcast

Where the need to sell yourself really counts is where person to person interaction is at its highest i.e. face to face and on the phone. Whilst not every customer will become a lifelong friend, how do you build rapport and come across more like a trusted adviser than a typical salesman or telesales cold caller. Check out our latest podcast for tips.

5 Tips for Getting Past Gatekeepers on a Telemarketing Call – Podcast

The ability to get past gatekeepers during a telemarketing call is an essential skill. Some gatekeepers are simply there to provide a call forwarding service to take you to the decision maker. That’s often the case in smaller organisations but these types of gatekeeper are not what we’re referring to in this blog. In larger companies, reaching the decision-maker when being blocked by the gatekeeper requires skill and persistence. Check out our tips.

Telemarketing Tip 1 Take Action

If you wait for the perfect time, when will that be? Get on the phone and generate new business now. Check out our Tips […]

Telemarketing Tip 2 Define Your Target Market

Really put some extra time into defining what type of company would be most likely to use your services. Check out our tips […]