Is customer database validation powering your marketing?

The majority of marketers would agree that data is their most valuable asset. Yet, most businesses have a whole heap of rubbish in their database. Therefore, customer database validation is absolutely essential if you want to power your marketing and achieve your sales objectives. Check out our blog for tips for keeping your database both legal and an asset to build sales.

How to Ensure GDPR doesn’t damage your customer base?

What do you need to do to ensure GDPR doesn’t damage your customer database and impede your ability to do business? Changes are due in May 2018 for both data protection rules and PECR which relates to marketing communication. If you don’t know what to do now, read our blog for tips.

What is Cold Calling?

What is cold calling? To those who’ve experienced a poorly scripted cold call, it has a negative connotation. But, many of the world’s largest companies rely on the telephone to generate fresh sales opportunities. In this blog, we look at what is cold calling and some of the pros and cons.

How much does a Telemarketing Campaign Cost?

How much does a telemarketing campaign cost? Clients want clarity and certainty so that they can budget appropriately and measure ROI. However, to determine accurately what a lead generation exercise involving telemarketing might actually cost, any agency needs to understand certain aspects of your requirement. It isn’t as simple as one size fits all. watch our video and see our blog for details.

How to Create a Successful Telemarketing Campaign?

Whether you choose to undertake your telemarketing activity in-house or use a specialist agency like GSA, there are 3 simple rules that will help your campaign fly. If you do the work, you’ll have a much better chance of delivering the results you need. Check out our video and blog for tips.

Telemarketing is Dead

Some say telemarketing is dead. But, telemarketing is the only truly proactive form of direct marketing. With every other channel, even at events, you have to wait for the customer to find you. That’s not the case with telemarketing and people still buy people. So, check out how telemarketing is alive and kicking.

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