Strategy Workshops

When is the best time to make a sales call?

I often hear statements such as “We should never call on a Friday afternoon as a lot of people leave early” Or, “Don’t call at lunchtime as everyone is out”.  Another good one is “Never call first thing Monday morning as people are just back in from the weekend and sorting out their week”.

Is the New Business Development upturn here?

We have won 5 new clients very recently. Lots more enquiries too. And clients are typically spending more and committing for longer campaigns compared to pre-recession. Is confidence returning?
I believe that companies have started to say ‘to hell with it’, we can’t wait for the recession to end. We have to be open for business and we have to focus on new business lead generation to survive?’’

I met a couple of Nat West senior managers last week who asked us to help them with clients that need support with new business development strategy. They told me […]