How Often Should Companies Engage with their Customers?

Big companies might be surprised to find that customers are falling out of love with them. Perhaps, possibly without them realising, their lapsed customer list is growing. The larger your database, the more challenging it is to keep in touch with your customers and to keep your database up to date. A customer retention strategy is crucial. Read our blog and watch our video for tips.

How to Build Customer Rapport on the Telephone

Encouraging prospects to like you is a key factor for telemarketing success. But, that’s not so easy to do. Customers are bombarded, not only with cold calls but all manner of other messages including emails and other interruptions to their daily life. So, what’s the solution for how to quickly build customer rapport on the telephone? Read our blog for more.

How to Increase Buyer Rapport on the Telephone – Podcast

If you want to achieve success from telemarketing, building rapport on the phone with prospects and customers is essential. In this short podcast, we look at a few ways to improve the interaction between buyer and seller that lead to greater cold-calling results.

5 Clever Ways to Improve Your Telemarketing Results

Telemarketing isn’t straightforward. The higher you go up the corporate totem pole, the harder it gets to achieve results. So, anything you can do to enhance performance is worthwhile. And there are a few simple things you can do to significantly improve your effectiveness. Check out our 5 Clever Ways to Improve Your Telemarketing Results.

Have you Got Any Idea Why your Customers Really Buy?

You might think that customers buy what you do. They may love your products and services (or so you believe) but the reality is that they don’t. You need to be aware that customers don’t buy what you do. They buy what you do for them. Check out our blog to learn how to position your services in a telemarketing call intro or face to face sales conversation.

5 Tips on Selling Yourself in Addition to your Services – Podcast

Where the need to sell yourself really counts is where person to person interaction is at its highest i.e. face to face and on the phone. Whilst not every customer will become a lifelong friend, how do you build rapport and come across more like a trusted adviser than a typical salesman or telesales cold caller. Check out our latest podcast for tips.