Questioning Techniques

Do you Ask the Right Questions to Win Profitable Business?

SME’s had things pretty hard during the last recession. Now, once again, there’s more uncertainty in the market. So, what do beleaguered SMEs need to do to survive? Great prizes are rarely won without risk. If you don’t, take action what’s the betting that an aggressive foe will get ahead of you in the race and snare the prey before you have the chance to act? Read our blog for more

Why Questions are Gold Dust for Sales Lead Generation

We all want more sales and the opportunity to provide our services to companies that have the budget to buy. But, chances are you won’t even get close to winning bigger ticket business unless you master the art of asking good questions. Check out our blog to understand why questions are so important and how they can enhance the sales process.

Selling Tips for Small Businesses – The Best Way to Sell is not to Sell!

We’re all keen to generate growth for our businesses. New business is the lifeblood of most small businesses. Hence, concerted effort in lead generation is essential for most companies in order to grow.

But prospects can smell fear and anxiety when service providers over-sell and try too hard to convince them how great their products or services are and thus how it would be a no brainer not to buy from their organisation.

In sales situations, I tend to take the opposite road to the pushy sales approach used by some sales people. I do this whilst also […]

Questioning Techniques for Telemarketing

Have you ever been confronted with a cold caller that loves to talk at you? You wouldn’t want to spend your days receiving these kinds of nuisance calls, would you? How would you feel if your calls were perceived in this way? Questions, coupled with listening to the answers, are essential tools in a cold caller’s armoury. It’s unlikely that they will achieve successful telemarketing calls if they don’t master the art of asking good questions.

How to Write a Great Telemarketing Call Script

Prospective clients often ask us whether we use telemarketing call scripts. In this blog we discuss how to write an excellent call structure not a script. It’s an interesting question though.
We typically provide outsourced telemarketing for businesses that target large blue-chip organisations. Those decision-makers do not respond well to scripted calls that could fall over at first sign of a question or objection. The only chance of success is through an engaged conversation about their challenges and their opportunities. Therefore, a script is not for us. However, a good call structure is something we spend time […]

Top 10 Telemarketing Tips

Are there any secrets to telemarketing success? Possibly not. However, understanding the key telemarketing techniques and telemarketing skills will inevitably make a difference.

Below, we have detailed our Top 10 Telemarketing Tips for Success. Want to know more? Check out our telemarketing training courses or call us and we can chat through how we can help you to increase telemarketing results. And, before you go, don’t forget to check out our Ten 90 secs videos for more Top Telemarketing Tips.

Telemarketing Tips 1 – Telemarketing Planning is everything

It’s an old cliché but you need […]