10 Essential Networking Skills

Networking is an essential part of lead generation for many small and large businesses. Yet, so many networking event attendees get their approach badly wrong by trying to over-sell to the room. Despite this, correcting the errors is relatively simple. To that end, in this blog, we provide our 10 essential networking tips to ensure that you gain more from business networking.

How to Get More from Networking

The latest in our series of guest blogs comes from Eilidh Milnes, a motivational speaker for confidence known as ‘Captain Positive!’ She explains how businesses small and large can gain more from networking.

Every business is in sales and part of that is networking with confidence. Networking is a skill, not a task. Tasks are things such as loading the washing machine, taking out the dustbin, cutting the grass. Networking is a skill and as such should be enjoyed. 

Never Eat Alone… 
Can teach you a lot about networking. The most important point is, it’s […]

How to Suceed at Networking

We’ve had a lot of positive feedback about my blog on how to succeed at networking on the business scene website so I thought we should flag it on our own blog. How do you measure up?

5 Tips to Get the Most out of LinkedIn®


The following blog is the latest in our series of guest blogs. It is from James Potter, The LinkedIn® Man. James and I ‘met’ on LinkedIn® when I responded to a post. We engaged online and then spoke on the phone. I have already passed James a referral for potential business with an old client of mine. I asked James to write for our blog visitors. His contribution is below.

I recently spoke with Jonathan and he asked if I could put something useful together for you all. So, working from a keynote I did recently around a “top five […]

Are you Doing Enough to Generate New Business for Your Organisation?

I have had a very busy and productive week and it’s only Thursday morning. Reflecting before the end of the week with a day in the office ahead of me, I thought about what I’ve done this week to move my business forward.

In SME-land, we don’t have armies of people to do newbusiness. Companies with owner-drivers can only rely on themselves to generate new business. It’s definitely about DIY. We are lucky since we have our own telemarketing team that do client work and a business development manager in the North West in […]

How to build an Effective Networking Strategy

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I had a terrific one to one networking meeting in London last week with James Isaacs of BCR Associates. James also is Regional Business Director for Legal & General and is a very impressive chap. What struck me was James’s openness and genuine desire to help in advance of any reciprocation from my side. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with James and it brought home to me yet again the value of relationships, the importance of genuine win-win and the importance of giving and reciprocation before receiving in a networking context. James and I both made […]