Market Research

4 Marketing Mistakes that Small Businesses must Avoid

Lack of Marketing Investment

Market conditions are tough and companies need to watch cash flow. However, it’s also important not to suffocate your business through lack of marketing investment. Competitors are busy targeting your customers and inevitably some will leave. That’s why a continuous business lead generation process is essential and investment in targeted marketing is vital. That doesn’t mean throwing money at marketing that is ill thought out. You need a plan. But consider your audience and what your potential customers might respond to. Focus on your strengths and identify where you can create […]

How to Decide which Marketing to Use for Your Business?

Marketing has changed. The choices that businesses have to reach their target customers have multiplied. Marketing has definitely become more sophisticated with the advent of social media, real-time ad targeting and a plethora of other ‘new’ routes to market. Inbound marketing is all the rage but what about outbound? Is a combination the best solution?

With so many choices, how do small to medium sized businesses make their marketing decisions and get bang for their buck? Facebook, PPC, SEO, email marketing or Twitter? Online or offline advertising? Blogging? What about the new Twitter Vine or video marketing through […]

Why Companies Large and Small Should Research their Market

The following blog is the latest in our series of guest blogs from Peter Martin. Peter is a research specialist and works in partnership with GSA on a regular basis to undertake Market Research surveys for our clients.
You will no doubt at some stage or another, have been on the end of a market research survey.  I’m not talking about those people trying to sell you something or get your email address or phone number for spamming and nuisance call purposes, but genuine market research.  Serious marketing companies have long realised that the more they know about […]

Top 10 Tips for a successful research survey

Taking on a research project or survey to your client, customer or membership base may seem a little daunting.  Understanding customers’ needs drives satisfaction, customer retention and stimulates new business opportunities.
Our Top 10 Tips will help you avoid some of the most common pitfalls when conducting such a project.

1. Only measure stuff you can use

What are you going to do with the information you gather? It may be tempting to ask all sorts of questions, but don’t bore the respondent by asking stuff that would just be nice to know, when you can’t […]

The Importance of having a good Call to Action

We do a lot of new business development and telemarketing work with companies in the b2b sector. Most have excellent credentials and work for household name brands. That tells you something about their calibre and ability to deliver. Yet despite this, many still find it difficult to define what makes them different and why a prospective client should meet with them.

It has long been accepted that we have to define a good USP or point of differentiation. However, the reality is that we live in a commoditised world where little is truly new. Therefore, isn’t it essential that […]

What’s hot in lead generation?

Recently, I’ve seen a lot of worried people. Sales are down. Margins are tight. Campaigns are shorter. Buyers are cautious. It’s tough out there. So what does a self-respecting business development person do? The pressure from inside organisations is high. Everyone wants their bit of the business to be the focus for Biz Dev.We are all under increasing time pressures. We have tons of priorities and little time to achieve everything. Yet despite this, so few people I meet give serious consideration to the psychology of the people and companies they are targeting.Everyone needs new […]