Stop moaning about GDPR and get your house in order

There is so much noise around GDPR. Everyone is talking about it. Many are predicting doom and the end of proactive b2b marketing. some marketing executives are running scared, unsure of what to do next. Yet, as far as b2b marketing is concerned, we await formal guidance from the Office of the Information Commissioner’s office. Think of it simply, GDPR is a way of getting your house in order. Read the full article by clicking on the thumbnail.

GDPR – What marketers with large databases need to do

In this short Vlog, we talk a little about what marketers with large databases need to consider in advance of the changes in GDPR (data protection) regulations in May 2018. Note: This is not legal advice.

GDPR changes. Do you need to validate your database?


With new regulations on the horizon in May 2018, governing personal data and marketing, it makes sense to get database houses in order. In this video, we discuss some of the implications for businesses undertaking b2b marketing.