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10 Essential Activities to Produce Great Online Content

You can no longer ignore the importance of content in driving lead generation. In the past, the only way we could find stuff out was through information being fed to us. We could perhaps also ask a few friends for advice. Then the world changed with the arrival of the Internet and with the advent of Social Media. So, based on what we’ve learned, check out our 10 Essential Activities to Produce Great Online Content

Is There Still a Place for Outbound Marketing in an Inbound World?

‘Inbound marketing’ is hot at the moment. Encouraging customers to come to you rather than chasing them is a sound philosophy and potentially lower cost than spending money on direct (outbound) marketing. But is it the case that we are experiencing a full pendulum swing from push to pull or do social media, Read our blog.

Using Video to Generate Leads and Increase Revenue

Our latest guest blog comes from Olivia at Smarteye Productions. Olivia specialises in video production and she explains why it is so compelling as part of your lead generation and marketing strategy.

There’s something evolutionary about the power of video.

Our brains are wired to pay attention to things that move because in the past, it meant we could eat them, mate with them, or they could eat us! So we’re conditioned to watch motion – just turn on the TV and see how everyone’s attention drifts to it.
So video grabs your customers’ attention. Which means it […]

The Importance Of The Social Graph by Grant Leboff

Grant Leboff is one of the U.K’s leading Sales and Marketing experts. His current book, ‘Sticky Marketing’, provides companies with the new principles of marketing so they can thrive in a Web enabled world. In this blog, Grant gives us a view of how even small businesses can leverage social media to grow their influence and their business. For a vast majority of companies Social Media is still new. However, because many of the customers a business would like to reach, spend an increasing amount of time on these platforms, companies have come to recognize the importance of […]

Integrating Offline and Online Marketing

There has been much discussion in the marketing community around the need and drive to push offline prospects and customers online. I have come across the term ‘Phygital’ for the concept i.e. the combination of physical and digital. Clearly, online can reduce costs, speed up access to information, enhance productivity and offers many other benefits.

However, I sometimes wonder whether companies have given serious consideration to two aspects
1) how they will engage with customers online as opposed to a self service relationship and
2) how they will therefore engender loyalty and advocacy.

The answer may lay in what […]

Content is the way to differentiate

Everywhere I go, people are talking about content. Whether that be for social media, blogs or for website use. Content could be video, articles, pictures or info used for tweets. There are increasing numbers of content providers that claim to be able to provide tailored articles for content to help with SEO. I have no doubt that this is a worthwhile strategy. Content is king. And, it will only become more so. GSA can already provide content through our partners and push out this content through newswire distribution hopefully to be picked up by the media. Likewise, we can place […]