Customer Service

How to sell more to current customers?

The fact is that some custom is transient. Some customers stay with you through thick and thin and many can be tempted away by seductive offers and incentives. Customer loyalty isn’t a quick fix. You, therefore, have to work hard to retain customers and to make sure that a new customer isn’t a one-time buyer. Check out our 12 tips for how to sell more to current customers.

The Basics of How to improve Customer Service?

How hard can it be to give good customer service? I don’t think that’s an unreasonable question. So, why do some people and organisations fail so badly? And, why do we keep letting them get away with things? When you consider how important service is to retention and profits, it’s amazing how badly some large well-known companies get it wrong. Check out our blog for more.

20 Customer Service Tips to Grow Profitability

We all know that it’s more expensive to win new business than to retain existing business and that you can effectively grow your bottom line by delighting your customer base thereby encouraging them to stay longer, spend more and recommend you to others. So, check out our 20 essential tips for Customers Service to grow your profitability and business?

What is the True Cost of Lapsed Customers?

We can all agree that loyal customers are what we all want. We need to work hard to fend off attack from competitors by offering the very best service we can. Satisfied customers can still be swayed. Delighted customers less so. What are you doing to ensure you profile and nurture your customer base to maximise revenue? Check out our article for ideas.

Turning Lapsed Customers into a Profitable Revenue Stream

Customer loyalty is vital and customer retention is vastly more profitable than finding new ones with all the marketing and set up costs that entails. A disproportionate amount of time is spent chasing new business as opposed to looking after or further cultivating current customers – especially those that perhaps transact less frequently and / or spend less. Those customers can get forgotten and fall down the pecking order. Allowing them to lapse constitutes a criminal loss that has a detrimental effect on revenue. The answer to this problem lays in direct & effective engagement with these customers at the right time.

A lesson from Masterchef in delivering customer service

Our family love Masterchef on BBC2. If you haven’t seen it, try to tune in or have a look online.

What strikes me is the absolute search for perfection and the total passion for what they are doing. Trainee chefs give everything and by the end we’re all exhausted with them having followed their stressful endeavours to deliver the most beautiful food.

Last night, the finalists cooked for three of the world’s finest pastry masterchefs. In every episode, it stuns me to see the attention to detail and […]