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7 Essential Telemarketing Skills

Love it or hate it, cold calling is part of the day job for lots of sales people. And to achieve telemarketing success with decision makers that hold significant budget in larger organisations, there are key skills that have a major impact on results. Below are our 7 Essential Telemarketing Skills that every caller needs to master if they want to reach their goals. Also, don’t forget to also take a look at lots of other telemarketing tips on our blog and on our Knowledge Bank.

Essential Lead Generation Questions for Small Businesses

We recently recorded a Google Hangout on the subject of Lead Generation Tips for SME’s and felt we should also document some of the key aspects of lead generation for small businesses. Below is the thrust of our hangout and some essential Lead Generation Questions for Small Businesses to consider.

Every small business needs to have a plan when it comes to lead generation. It goes without saying that referrals and repeat business need to be the lifeblood for SME’s but very few of us can relax and assume that this plus fresh enquires will just come to […]

How to make your Business Stand out Against your Competitors

Does anyone really have a USP these days?

Some of our clients do indeed have innovative products and services. These include Nano technology for improved packaging strength at lower cost, large touch screen monitors for schools and scenario planning solutions for the emergency services when it comes to anti-terrorism planning. Some have a combination of a really strong solution at the right time e.g. one of our clients provided excellent training software / solutions for financial services companies at the time when new regulations came into place.

However, very few businesses are fortunate to be in the […]

What’s the Best Way to do Telemarketing?

Telemarketing shouldn’t just be a blunt instrument. Every call is different and should be based on the sectors, type of business, size, location and the job role and requirements of the decision maker you call. Therefore, planning the right approach and tactics prior to each call is vital in high-quality telemarketing if you want good results. Read this blog for more.

3 Essential Tips for Successful Lead Generation

There are 3 essential things that most salespeople need to recognise if they want to succeed in telemarketing. First, you have to know your market. Second, it’s more about the customer than it is about you. And, third, no decision comes without a degree of risk. If you can de-risk the purchase, you have more chance of success. Read more in our blog,

The 10 Fatal Marketing Mistakes Businesses Must Avoid

It’s tough out there. Businesses have to compete like never before. The pie is smaller and there are fewer pieces to go around. That means businesses have to find new ways to compete and market themselves. Marketing itself has changed beyond all recognition. There are many more marketing choices. With that in mind, organisations have to get it right first time. There is no time and no resource to continually make mistakes.  So, what are the fatal errors to avoid?1. Absence of a Strategy Without a plan, it’s hard to know where you’re […]