Business Planning

How will you Stop your Business Stagnating during the World Cup?

Maybe the World Cup isn’t your thing but you can’t get enough of the sunny days that warm our skin and cheer us up. The heatwave is upon us and it encourages us all to take more time off and be more inclined to pop out of the office for a stint of sunbathing or a quick visit to a beer garden to cheer England (or whomever you follow) on. How will you stop your business stagnating?

The Karma of Business Growth

Is there such a thing as Business Growth Karma? And, does the law of attraction and the rule of karma relate in a business context? We believe that it does. Check out our blog to find out more

Is B2B marketing becoming ever more difficult?

It isn’t easy being a b2b marketer these days. There has been a proliferation of channels and marketing options. Pressure to deliver ROI has intensified not least due to margin pressure in most businesses. Social media, content and video are the new black. Marketing can be a minefield littered with failures. But, successful people have generally tried and failed until they find the thing that works. Check out some tips to increase your efforts to achieve your goals.

Snow wonder you’re not generating new business

Did you take advantage of the snow last week to build a snowman or build your business? Many left early to avoid the disruption but does that mean you need to switch off from business growth. Read more…

Why use an external telemarketing agency

Lots of our clients do telemarketing in-house. In reality, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to deciding whether to make outbound calls in house or to use an outside agency. Both have their pros and cons. Continue reading to find out more.

What are your business growth inhibitors?

What behaviours do individuals adopt that impede and promote growth? Read our blog to understand how clarity of purpose, grit and other factors have the potential to support growth. Also, learn the behaviours that can seriously damage your prospects