10 Key B2B Business Development Questions to Ask Yourself for 2012

Getting your planning in gear is key to kicking off your 2012 business development and lead generation activity.
We have put together 10 key questions to help you prepare and understand the direction you want to take for the new business year.

  1. Have I got a clear plan for how to generate new business?
  2. Have I clearly defined my target audience? That includes location, decision maker role, size of company etc. 
  3. Do I understand what they will buy from me? Be clear on what services you are offering to whom. 
  4. Do I understand why they might buy from me? What makes my business different and special?  
  5. Have I clearly articulated my proposition? This is different to a list of your products or services. It’s more about USP’s or differentiation points. What is your Trojan Horse / Call to Action to make them want to engage with you? 
  6. Where do my customers go for information and communication on and offline? Be there and be a provider of news, information and communication. Be an expert!  
  7. What are the most effective marketing channels? Do your research. Test if necessary. Ask your customers! 2012 is more than ever about bang for buck. 
  8. What’s my social media strategy for LinkedIn, Twitter and even Facebook. You can’t ignore them. They aren’t going away! Get involved but don’t go scattergun. Identify the best channels for your audience.  
  9. What’s my mobile strategy? The growth in consumption via mobile is colossal. It’s not if but when you will get on board. 2012 is the time to do it. 
  10. Who is going to implement the strategy and how?


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