How to Develop an Effective Sales Proposition

I spend most of my time helping companies to grow their business. Part of that involves pulling together a lead generation strategy. Within this, we generally spend time discussing the sales proposition.

Sadly, very few companies have the correct understanding of what a sales proposition is and what it isn’t and, as a consequence, they fail to develop an effective message that engages with and is compelling for prospective customers.

When I ask a client what they do, the answer is rarely what I need to hear. All too often, they express their proposition in terms of what they ‘do’ or what they ‘offer’. Generally, they explain about all of the aspects of the service they deliver. And, regale me with explanation of how it works. They wax lyrical about the benefits of using them whilst still not understanding that what they’re actually giving me is a list of features not benefits.

The problem is,….. (How shall I put it politely?)…. Nobody cares what you do!!

Every prospect I have ever met has only one question in the back (or front) of their mind. ‘What’s in it for me? ‘

So, the fact that you are a great accountant to deal with will rarely win out if they already have a friendly accountant. If you provide blinds for schools, how does that make the prospect take notice when they already have a supplier of blinds they’ve used for years?

However, if that supplier of blinds utilises new Nano Technology that means less maintenance and breakages or if the accountancy practice has an innovative approach to tax extraction within a partnership that maximises tax efficiency the prospect might sit up and take notice. If the supplier backs this up with great customer service and a money back guarantee then it could be game on.

The point is that no-one cares what you do. Prospects aren’t interested in what you offer. They are busy, time poor and only interested in how it helps them.

So, what is it that’s going to benefit them? It often sits under one or more of the following categories:

  • Maximise profit
  • Reduce risk
  • Improve productivity and efficiency
  • Lessen wear and tear
  • Save time / speed things up
  • Reduce cost and….
  • Make them look good to the board, shareholders, colleagues and even employees…

There are other categories of course. However, the sooner you position your proposition in these terms and in terms of what genuinely benefits the customer, the sooner you will connect with prospects and the more you will sell.

So make sure you reflect this in:

  • Telemarketing Campaign scripts
  • Customer contact calls
  • Copy on your website
  • Blogs and articles
  • Brochures and other literature
  • Email communication
  • Other marketing and sales activity

If you do this, you’ll have more productive prospect interactions, improve your lead generation and ultimately generate more business.

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