Telemarketing Strategy

8 Success Hacks for Telemarketing Lead Generation

Telemarketing is hard enough without failing due to poor technique and approaches. So we’ve compiled 8 success hacks for telemarketing lead generation success. See how you compare in terms of your preparation and readiness to undertake a successful lead generation campaign using telemarketing.

How Often Should Companies Engage with their Customers?

Big companies might be surprised to find that customers are falling out of love with them. Perhaps, possibly without them realising, their lapsed customer list is growing. The larger your database, the more challenging it is to keep in touch with your customers and to keep your database up to date. A customer retention strategy is crucial. Read our blog and watch our video for tips.

The Key to Successful Lead Generation is Follow-up

Wouldn’t it be great if every call you made resulted in a sale? But, that’s not real world thinking. The fact is that not every prospect is ready to buy now. Equally, your proposition may not be right for that customer. They may be entrenched with your competitor. If the prospect is a valid target, you need a robust follow-up process to generate ongoing opportunities. Check out our blog for tips.

10 Ways to Use Telemarketing to Grow your Business

Telemarketing is much maligned and people say cold-calling is dead. Maybe pure cold-calling isn’t as effective as it once was and a more intelligent and blended approach is often needed. However, there are still lots of ways telemarketing can be used to grow your business. Check out 10 ways you can effectively use the telephone to develop your business.

How to set Business Development Objectives

It’s important to learn how to set business development objectives that are both viable and help to drive your business forward. But, how should you approach the process? What objectives are realistic for your business given where you stand today? Check out our bog for tips and watch the corresponding video for more ideas.

Sustainable Growth is a Marathon, not a Sprint

Telemarketing isn’t a precise science. You shouldn’t necessarily expect instant results. Benchmarks and KPIs are important and, over time, these will emerge. Sometimes, with the right recipe, campaigns will perform well right from the outset. If you line up the factors explained in our telemarketing tips video series, results should come more swiftly. Check out our blog for more.

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