Database Marketing is Sexy & you Know it

Analysis, target market segmentation and audience profiling are crucial tools in your fight for market share and more business. You might not believe that data is fun or sexy but what it provides in terms of insight may be the difference between success and failure of your marketing efforts. Read our blog for more information.

What is Cold Calling?

What is cold calling? To those who’ve experienced a poorly scripted cold call, it has a negative connotation. But, many of the world’s largest companies rely on the telephone to generate fresh sales opportunities. In this blog, we look at what is cold calling and some of the pros and cons.

Are you Making Excuses for Insufficient Business Growth?

Look at yourself in the mirror. Are you making excuses for your lack of growth? You could be falling into a trap. Your competitors won’t let outside issues distract them from growing their business. They’re out there trying to generate new business and to grab market share. And, they’re targeting your most valuable customers. Read our blog for more.

How Often Should Companies Engage with their Customers?

Big companies might be surprised to find that customers are falling out of love with them. Perhaps, possibly without them realising, their lapsed customer list is growing. The larger your database, the more challenging it is to keep in touch with your customers and to keep your database up to date. A customer retention strategy is crucial. Read our blog and watch our video for tips.

Telemarketing & SEO – a Match Made in Business Heaven!

Search engine optimisation is a key part of any business strategy, and when combined with telemarketing, it can help to guarantee marketing success and greater lead generation. Telemarking and SEO combined is a recipe for lead generation success. Check out how it works in our blog.

10 Essential ways to close more sales

Closing more sales isn’t as simple as finding the right words to say in that one critical moment when the timing is crucial. Of course, you do need to know how to ask for the business. A sales person won’t get far if they’re all chat and no results. However, in this blog, we look at 10 essential factors in the process to help you to close more sales.

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