How to get more leads on LinkedIn

This is a really good 4 minute video explaining the basics of how to get more leads on LinkedIn. Grant Leboff and Danny Bermant discuss what we should all do to generate more opportunities through using advanced search, inmails and referrals […]

Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation

We all use LinkedIn. It has become the de facto tool for keeping in touch and for being visible in the business world. Who doesn’t check out LinkedIn before an important meeting with a new prospect?

LinkedIn allows people to get involved in and keep abreast of discussions and much more. It supports database gathering and cleansing when undertaking marketing campaigns. LinkedIn Pulse is increasingly an asset for research and for inspiration when doing content marketing. LinkedIn is ultimately a key tool in your online marketing toolkit.

But many business managers fail to use LinkedIn correctly. They fail to […]

How Genuinely Connected are You to your LinkedIn Connections?

I did an exercise today with a view to really focusing my LinkedIn® activity.
I firstly classified each and every one of my 900+ connections into different categories such as friends, clients, classmates, networking contacts and so on. I then noted which of them I genuinely know well enough to contact by phone or email. What I found surprised me somewhat. 57% of my contacts are well known to me and the rest are a balance of those that have connected with me through groups, following events, via posts and so on.
What does the exercise tell me?

It probably […]

5 Tips to Get the Most out of LinkedIn®


The following blog is the latest in our series of guest blogs. It is from James Potter, The LinkedIn® Man. James and I ‘met’ on LinkedIn® when I responded to a post. We engaged online and then spoke on the phone. I have already passed James a referral for potential business with an old client of mine. I asked James to write for our blog visitors. His contribution is below.

I recently spoke with Jonathan and he asked if I could put something useful together for you all. So, working from a keynote I did recently around a “top five […]

Telemarketing is still alive and kicking!

The demise of telemarketing has been trumpeted by many a supposed informed observer. Email marketing is the thing. Or it’s social media. Mobile marketing is coming. SEO delivers first page on Google. And of course foster relationships on LinkedIn to generate leads. Of course there is no right or wrong. And a combination of the above and other marketing is key. There are many other channels and routes to market that are relevant for whatever your business offers and your clients buy. I took a look today at the appointments we have made for our clients this […]