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What does Brexit Mean for your Sales Pipeline?

Brexit is here and that will inevitably cause change. But change doesn’t care whether you voted in or out. So, work out what the next few months and years might mean for you and your business and don’t wait to focus on sales. Remember, this can be an opportunity to grab market share. Make sure that’s you and not your competition.

Are you Fooling Yourself When it Comes to Lead Generation?

Ultimately, you don’t have to pray for miracles when it comes to lead generation success? But, you do have to focus and ask yourself key questions about how you’re going to approach the task. You also need to be realistic and appreciate that Rome wasn’t built in a day. There’s no point fooling yourself. It takes time and effort but the results will be worth waiting for. Check out our blog for tips.

Are you Waiting for Lead Generation Miracles?

Some companies are fortunate to have a steady stream of targeted new business enquiries that ensure that their pipeline is always full. Sadly, that’s not the experience for every business owner and sales manager. So, maybe it’s time to consider the options for sales lead generation. In this blog, we take a quick look at a few inbound and outbound lead generation options.

How to Improve Data Management for B2B Marketing

Valid, fresh and clean data is the lifeblood of any telemarketing, direct mail or email marketing campaign. It determines success and ROI. That’s especially the case in higher value b2b sales where, typically, calls will be into large blue-chip companies. So, it makes sense to spend time to ensure that your marketing lists are as accurate as possible. But it’s quite a job to do. Check out are our 5 key tips for How to Improve Data Management for B2B Marketing

Data Facts

A recent scan of industry research produced some staggering facts and figures:

If it costs £1 to process a simple operation or transaction when all the data is perfect, this will rise to £10 if it is not.

Despite the fact that failure to comply with Data Protection legislation can result in fines up to £5,000, 45 per cent of companies are not suppressing their customer data to remove individuals who cannot or will not respond to offers.

B2B contact data (names, roles, addresses, phone numbers and email) decays at 37.7% a year

On average up to 20 […]

Implementing an Effective Marketing Campaign

Our latest guest blog is from Oyster Studios, a design and advertising agency who specialise in creating marketing campaigns that are customer focussed and deliver results. To view a selection of cross sector marketing campaigns take a look at their website

In today’s challenging economic climate implementing an effective marketing campaign involves communicating with your target market with compelling content across a multitude of relevant channels both on and off line. You should aim to engage with your prospects across a variety of touch points and ensure you are ‘front of mind’, and at the right […]