Database Marketing

How to Buy a Good Marketing List

How to buy a good marketing list for your lead generation? That’s a question our clients often ask us. The reason is simple. If you get it wrong, it could seriously derail your marketing efforts. So, what are the main criteria to consider? And, what aspects should you look at when evaluating which companies and contacts to target? Read our blog and watch our video for the main things to consider when making the decision.

Database Marketing is Sexy & you Know it

Analysis, target market segmentation and audience profiling are crucial tools in your fight for market share and more business. You might not believe that data is fun or sexy but what it provides in terms of insight may be the difference between success and failure of your marketing efforts. Read our blog for more information.

Choose the Right Systems & Processes for Telemarketing Success

We’re guessing that systems and processes aren’t words that are on the tip of your tongue when it comes to factors for telemarketing success. However, you can have a great proposition and great people making the calls for you but, if your method of managing the calling process is all over the place, it’s likely that you’ll miss all manner of opportunities. Read our blog for more.

Define Your Target Market for Lead Generation Success.

Without good data, it’s unlikely you will generate positive results and a return on your marketing investment. A good proposition to the wrong target company or decision-maker will take you nowhere. Yet, an average, or even undifferentiated, proposition that’s targeted at someone that’s looking for that kind of service may carry you through. What can we learn from this? Check out our blog for more.

Are Lapsing Customers Killing your Business?

It’s well-known that it’s more profitable to retain a customer than find and convert a new one. Why is it then that large companies often fail to manage their customer database and allow potentially lucrative customers to lapse? A little gentle persuasion through a customer service type call will encourage them to get back in touch and order again. Read our blog for more.

Lead Generation – The Value in Intelligent Data

No matter how good a telemarketer you are, your efforts will be undone by poor targeting. Poor data is the death knell for telemarketing. It saps energy and time out of calling, stops momentum and creates a bad taste in the organisations you’re calling. It demonstrates you haven’t done your homework and kicks off a telesales call on a bad footing. Build good data and see your marketing soar.