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Use of Good Tone, Pace and Language in a Telemarketing Call

Do your cold calls sound the same as every other telemarketer that calls your prospect? The need to be differentiated relates as much to the caller as the proposition. You only have a few seconds to make a positive impression. That’s where the use of good tonality, pace and effective language comes in. Check out our blog for tips.

Data Facts

A recent scan of industry research produced some staggering facts and figures:

If it costs £1 to process a simple operation or transaction when all the data is perfect, this will rise to £10 if it is not.

Despite the fact that failure to comply with Data Protection legislation can result in fines up to £5,000, 45 per cent of companies are not suppressing their customer data to remove individuals who cannot or will not respond to offers.

B2B contact data (names, roles, addresses, phone numbers and email) decays at 37.7% a year

On average up to 20 […]

The A to Z of Telemarketing


Assertiveness: Be assertive, not aggressive: Confidence is a great asset when telemarketing and being confidently assertive will produce many ‘’wins’’ but be aware that your assertiveness doesn’t come over as aggression or you will almost certainly set yourself up for ‘’lose’’. Be confident / assertive but friendly – the two go hand in hand.

Bend.  Be prepared to adjust: Excellent long term telemarketing campaigns grow and develop along with the market. You might change what it is that you say, or perhaps who you say it to. Once you start measuring your campaigns you will […]

Telemarketing vs online marketing


Trying to get new business today is an ever increasing challenge. Telemarketing is a means by which organisations can proactively promote their business. No more waiting for the phone to ring! Take control of your sales cycle. That sounds like good news for telemarketing.

Online marketing can drive leads to your business without having to pick up the phone. Sit back and wait for the leads to come in. Or at least that’s the theory.

It is often said that people buy from people yet more business is being done online. Equally, millions of people have registered on the […]

The 3 most important tools in telemarketing

I am often asked what makes a good telemarketing campaign and what the results should be. The reality is that the results vary dependent upon your business. They also vary based on the type of campaign e.g. it’s much easier to gauge likely results if the calls are part of a ‘call centre’ type campaign where there is often a high volume of scripted calls to sell a simple solution to a fixed audience. But what if the calls are to senior level decision-makers in big companies? What makes the difference and how can we enhance success […]

Senior-level telemarketing success factors

We are often asked what the most important things are when clients want to undertake a b2b telemarketing campaign.

We have therefore detailed below some high-level thoughts and top planning tips for you to consider when planning a new business campaign by phone.

We find that there is often a lot of focus given to the skills of the telemarketer and often hear about various techniques bandied about and that it is down to having a good telemarketer who loves to talk, to get on the phone and to close sales.

It is a ‘given’ that you need a […]