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Telemarketing is Dead

Some say telemarketing is dead. But, telemarketing is the only truly proactive form of direct marketing. With every other channel, even at events, you have to wait for the customer to find you. That’s not the case with telemarketing and people still buy people. So, check out how telemarketing is alive and kicking.

How to Get Better Results from Your Telemarketing Team

If you’re using telemarketing to generate sales leads, you want your team to perform? But, are they delivering the number of leads you need to oil the wheels of growth? If not, maybe you need to think first about the input rather than the output. Take a look at our blog for some of the external factors you need to consider to help your callers perform.

10 Telemarketing Tips for Beginners

Telemarketing for beginners can be pretty daunting. What are the key components of success? And, what’s the best way to do it and not make a real hash of calls? In this blog, we outline our 10 quick tips that will help you improve your cold-calling results.

10 Reasons why B2B Telemarketing Scripts don’t Work – Podcast

Do scripts work in telemarketing? The answer is no. There are a number of reasons why that is. That’s not to say that a good call structure isn’t needed. But, when it comes to senior level telemarketing, check out our 10 Reasons why B2B Telemarketing Scripts don’t Work if you want to develop high value sales.

8 Top Tips for Becoming a Better Salesperson – Podcast

Selling has been around for ages and we’ve all experienced good and bad sales situations whether as a seller or buyer. Have you ever been on a job interview or had to negotiate a deal? Check out 8 Top Tips for Becoming a Better Salesperson and the things you need to do to ensure that you sell more effectively.

How to Handle Rejection in Cold-Calling

Rejection and hurdles are facts of life. From the time your mother stopped you crawling too near to the fire or refused to give you ice cream until you finished your tea, we have all had to get used to the word NO. In sales, you get more knock-backs than most. Coupled with inevitable objections that you need to handle, this makes most sales jobs quite demanding to say the least. And, within sales, cold-callers tend to get more kicks in the teeth than most. So, what’s the secret? How do you deal with rejection? Read our 10 tips for how to handle rejection in cold calling.