Business Planning

Now is the Perfect Time to Grow your Business

Business people need to get used to change and uncertainty. If you’re in business and you expect it to be calm waters all the way to your destination, you’ll probably be disappointed. Uncertainty is always present. Change could be political, economic, technological or social. The only thing you can do is to plan for change, adapt to it when it comes and control what you can. Nothing is forever. Read our blog for more.

Are You a Driver or Passenger in Your Business?

Do you know how to grow your business? Or, to some extent, do you leave it to chance. It’s important to be a driver not a passenger in your business. Competition is always present and things change. So, if you stand still, the reality is that you may fall behind the pace. Check out our blog for tips on how you can take control.

5 Essential Components of Sales Growth

If you don’t focus on growing your sales, you may find a new market entrant or established player has come up with something new to pull the rug out from under your feet and steal away your best clients. So, to help you focus on business development, we’ve come up with our 5 essential components of sales growth?

Define Your Target Market for Lead Generation Success.

Without good data, it’s unlikely you will generate positive results and a return on your marketing investment. A good proposition to the wrong target company or decision-maker will take you nowhere. Yet, an average, or even undifferentiated, proposition that’s targeted at someone that’s looking for that kind of service may carry you through. What can we learn from this? Check out our blog for more.

Is Inertia Preventing your Business from Growing?

Things change and business evolves. So, don’t wait for the perfect market timing to embark on lead generation? Just make those calls. Get your business in a position to make things happen. Get out in the marketplace and be visible. You will certainly accelerate your new business development. At the same time, you will reduce the risk of finding your sales and profits dwindling through inactivity. Read our blog.

Is Now The Right Time for Your Company to Expand Abroad?

Sterling has fallen significantly against the Euro since June and that means, in simple terms, that it makes our goods and services cheaper to foreign buyers. However, a hard Brexit is getting ever closer and no one knows really how this will pan out. So, the question is whether now is the right time to expand abroad, and to Europe in particular, since it remains our closest trading market.